Town Council May Update by Brant Murray

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Town of Bluff Community Update May 28, 2019

Dear Bluff Folks,

Lots of things are happening in your town.

  1. Utah State University has completed their Bluff Regional Study. Jake Powell and his team delivered a visionary look at Bluff, and it’s future. Printed and digital copies for download will be coming soon.
  2. The Mayor is completing the proposed 2019-2020 Bluff Town Budget. Public comment will be at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, June 5, at the community center.
  3. The General Plan, a required Town document, is being edited and will be available to the Public soon. Zoning documents and rules are being developed and will also be available to the public soon.
  4. Town of Bluff signed a Cooperative Wildfire Agreement with our four county fire agency. This protects Bluff with a cooperative agreement, and insurance against large fires ….and obligates us to mitigate our risks for wildfire. The wet season this year has produced lots of dry grass and fuel for fires. Please mow your yard to the street to reduce fuels and dry grasses.
  5. The BSA has begun transferring all it’s assets, and the water rights it owns to the Town of Bluff. The transfer is scheduled to be completed by July 1, the beginning of the Town Fiscal year.
  6. The Town is requesting 2 CIB Grants for the next fiscal year. One is tor a study of the culinary water system, and the second is for water system upgrades.
  7. Tax revenues will begin to fund our General Fund in July. The Fiscal year for the town begins each year on July 1.

8.. Town yard sale behind Comb Ridge Coffee…. Willow Street on June 8, Saturday. Set up your own table…. or donate items to be sold for the Town operating funds. Bring your items on Thursday June 6.

Please …


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