The Nine Month Mark by Ann Leppanen

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Greetings from the Bluff Town Council:

We officially began conducting town business on September 6, 2018, a short 9 months ago. None of what we are listing would have been possible without the outpouring of support and help that this community has provided the town council. Bluff has amazing resources and generosity and for that we are extremely appreciative.

During that 9 months, we have:

Convened weekly regular public meetings with only 2 or 3 cancellations for vacations. Convened monthly, and sometimes more frequently, work sessions.
Held at least 4 public hearings.
Passed 24 resolutions and 9 ordinances.

Attended Bluff Service Area public meetings and hearings.
Attended Bluff Water Works public meetings.
Attended a Rural Mayors Conference in Logan, Utah.
Attended a conference for Women Mayors in Washington DC.
Attended multiple land use conferences, record keeping conferences, and GRAMA trainings put on by the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

Worked with Utah State University to develop Bluff’s vision.
Set an interim budget for 2019 and approved a budget for 2020 that runs 7/1/2019- 6/30/2020.
Working with the Bluff Service Area to transfer the water rights, infrastructure, and asset/property operations of the Bluff Service Area to the town of Bluff.
Written a grant for a water study funded by the Community Development Block Grant (HUD) and applied for funding from the Community Impact Board.
Attended monthly San Juan Commission meetings.
Met with public officials on mapping, surveying, recording, roads.
Successfully applied for the County Class B roads to become Bluff’s Class C roads. Worked with Utah Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Land Management to establish partnerships on projects.
Passed a resort tax, a transient room tax, a municipal energy tax and transferred our sales tax from San Juan County to the town of Bluff.
Set up an office with the generosity of the Bluff Service Area.
We have avoided expensive, time consuming litigation with Lyman Family Farms, thanks to a generous donor and town support in a difficult decision making process. We have put into place a 5 person Planning and Zoning Commission which has unselfishly devoted time every week, and then some, to developing a General Plan, creating zoning maps, and land use ordinances. A public hearing will be held to present for input to the town the proposed General Plan and zoning maps later this summer.
We passed a moratorium on non-residential building that will expire at the end of summer which was done in order to create time for Planning and Zoning to work. Engaged in Bluff’s first Declaration of Candidacy period which is a stepping stone to having input into how the town of Bluff’s local elections are managed.

Held Bluff’s first annual garage sale which generated slightly more than $3,000!
We are working with the San Juan School District to ensure town input into the new school development and to hopefully purchase the “old” elementary school building and grounds for community and organization offices. At least, this is our wish.

We are sure that there is more we could add to this but just making this list was exhausting. In addition to all of the volunteer expertise, the time and the money contributed, and the emotional support of the town, we would like to thank the elected officials and staff in San Juan County and Blanding that have offered expertise and suggestions along the way.

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