How to Handle Covid – The Citizen’s Response Team

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  1. STAY HEALTHY​ – The practices of social distancing and frequent handwashing are very effective at safeguarding people from this virus.Wash your hands​, with soap or sanitizer. This is the best way to kill covid. Do this every time you leave your house or touch something new. Wash all surfaces you touch regularly.Keep your hands off your face​. Do whatever it takes to remember this. No nail biting, tooth or nose picking.

    Stay away from people​. Stick to your family or household cohorts. If you must interact with others keep a distance of at least 6 feet between you and don’t gather in groups.

    Wear a mask, ​a homemade mask, when you go out in public. This will keep you from touching your face and keep your germs away from others.

  2. PREPARE FOR GETTING SICK​. Please read this list of recommendations then link to the CDC website for more detail.If you are in a ​high risk category​, stay home as much as possible. Ask someone to do your shopping for you and leave the packages outside.Make contact with your Healthcare Provider now​ and seek guidance on what to do if you get sick. Find out which over the counter medications are safe for you to take. Shop for these medications now and have an extra month of any prescriptions where possible.

    Stay connected​. Use the buddy system​,​ especially if you live alone. Ask a friend or neighbor to be your contact person if you and/or your partner should get sick. Have extra food and supplies on hand for your buddy and be prepared to check in daily. This can be done safely by phone.

    Prepare a “​sick room​” or area in the home where a family member can stay separated from others if they get ill. A sick person will need separate plates, utensils, linens and other supplies.

Have a ​two week supply​ of food in the event you get quarantined or a shelter in place order is given. This includes food and supplies for your pet. There is no food shortage so please don’t hoard.

Have ​soap, a disinfectant, masks, gloves and a thermometer ​at home if you’re able. Recommendations for when to use PPE, how to properly remove it and how to reuse it can all be found on the CDC site. Dishwashing gloves and homemade masks are now viable options for the home environment. Read the EPA list for disinfecting options.

Plan for ​pet care​ in the event of illness. It is recommended you do not have contact with your pets if you are sick. Read what the CDC has to say about pet care on the “what to do if you get sick” page.

Know the warning signs of worsening illness.​ These include but are not limited to: Trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion or inability to arouse, and bluish lips or face. When in doubt, call for help.

Have these ​important​ ​phone numbers on speed dial​: your provider or local clinic, your buddy and the coronavirus hotline. Keep your phone with you if you are sick. Have a list of your medications and other important medical information available for EMS in the event you must call 911.

*If you do call 911 and have or think you have Covid, ​tell the dispatcher​ so emergency personnel can be appropriately prepared for you.

*Anyone ​experiencing hardship or in need​ ​of​ ​help​, please contact the Town of Bluff at the number listed below. If you are unable to accomplish ​any​ of the above recommendations, we will do our best to connect you with the resource you need. There is help out there.

Town of Bluff 435.672.9990 Coronavirus Hotline 800.456.7707

Read through the CDC site including how to prevent getting sick and what to do if you are sick.

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