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Dear Bluffoons, Bluffians, and /or Bluffites,


The Bluff Rumor Mill can be a lighthearted source of entertainment but it can inadvertently circulate untruths as well. The following is a message from community leaders and organizers interested in dispersing the most accurate, up to date information.


As of the writing of this letter, there are NO CONFIRMED CASES in SJC. If you hear otherwise and are concerned, go directly to a reliable source to determine the accuracy of the information. Please do not spread speculative data around which can make matters worse. We have listed below the most reliable up to date sources of information for our area.


COVID 19 is real and it is a pandemic. Although immediate health risk for the general public is thought to be low, it’s status is subject to change. You play a vital role in how this plays out.

Experts agree the best way to slow the spread is social distancing. Understandably, this will be difficult for us humans, especially when we rely on social functions for much needed connection. Here are some suggestions to keep from feeling so isolated.


  • Call, text, email or video chat with friends and family regularly

  • Visit with neighbors from your porch or curbside (at least 6 feet apart and no signs of illness)

  • Walk or bike with a friend (same rules as above)

  • Schedule family activities at home

  • Reach out to community resources as they become available


It is best to refrain from general social media. These sites are feeding grounds for vast amounts of misinformation as well as hackers and scammers. Make chat groups with friends and meet there instead. DO NOT click links or respond to any emails regarding the coronavirus unless you have confirmed the source. Current scams include emails that appear to originate from the CDC, WHO and popular banks and institutions. To be safe, you can open a new browser window and go directly to the website or call your bank or institution and verify the email.


Only shop when you must and keep at least two weeks worth of food and supplies. Have a first aid kit, batteries and an extra month of medications when possible. Governmental and community groups are working to ensure that everyone has access to food and supplies during this time.


If you require emergent medical attention, call 911 and be prepared to answer questions about any possible risk factors or exposures to the virus. If you are not experiencing an emergency but have questions about the virus, call the poison control number listed below. Please read through the attached flyers for valuable information including what to do if you are sick. If you head to the hospital for anything with respiratory, cold or flu-like symptoms, CALL FIRST.


If everyone does their part it is believed we can slow the spread. Reducing the number of infections is a crucial step in allowing our already strained healthcare system to help as many people as possible. Do not confuse preparation with panic. Stay calm and remember these policies are in place for the good of all.




Coronavirus Info Hotline




State of Utah Public Health Department


Centers for Disease Control


San Juan County, UT


Johns Hopkins article on social distancing

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