EOG Withdraws Application to Drill

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Amazing Good News:  Late in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 3, 2020, the Acting Field Manager of the Monticello Bureau of Land Management notified the Town of Bluff that EOG had submitted a written withdrawal of their Application for Permits to Drill on the Bluff Bench. The reason(s) for the withdrawal is not known at this time to the Town of Bluff; however, whatever the reason(s) for the decision, the Bluff Community is now assured that the EOG leases will expire in 60 days and drilling into and through the aquifer will not occur.

The Town Council of Bluff, on behalf of the residents of the community at large, thanks the Bluff Service Area, Bluff Water Works, Business Owners of Bluff, the National Parks Conservation Association, Friends of Cedar Mesa, and the Navajo Nation Chapter Houses for joining in opposition to drilling through the community’s aquifer.  If there is any one idea that can unite us all, it’s that “water is life.”



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