Bluff Transfer Station Closure

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THE BLUFF TRANSFER STATION IS NOW CLOSED AND WILL NOT REOPEN.  Council Members Jim Sayers and Linda Sosa attended the San Juan County Commissioners Meeting yesterday, November 20, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. Despite ongoing negotiations between Mayor Leppanen and Kelly Pehrson, liability coverage in place, and volunteers trained, the Commissioners unanimously voted to swap the land where the Bluff Transfer Station is located with the HITR Foundation.  Mayor Leppanen was informed by email yesterday that there was no reason to continue negotiations for a lease.


Thank you to Dudley Beck, Glenn Renner, Ed Dobson, Westley Shook, Jackie Warren, Bill Lincoln, Jim Sayers, Paula Sayers, Brant Murray, Mexican Water Chapter House, and everyone else who worked to keep the transfer station for our community.


Mayor Leppanen

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