Face Covering Ordinance:

Town of Bluff 2021  Budget copy at:

Town of Bluff 2020 Budget:

Ordinance for Franchise with Emery Telecom Agreement

Closure Ordinance – Passed April 7, 2020 – Click on News at Top of this Page

2020 Census Outreach Videos –  It is very important to get a complete count for the Census.

 Updates from Mayor – March 23, 25, 26, April 9 in News Menu

  Health Awareness Post from Dawn Dilego  EMS – Click News at the Top of this Page

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Public Health Website


The Bluff Community Center and Fire Mesa Kitchen are closed (click on News on menu bar for details)

Building Permits

To obtain a building permit the applicant must first receive a Land Use Clearance (LUC) from the Town of Bluff Planning & Zoning Commission.  After approving the LUC the Commission will send the LUC to San Juan County. Please visit the Planning & Zoning page for full details.  Land Use Clearance Form

Approved Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

12/17/19 Signed Version   All residential, commercial, and industrial building permits requested for building within the town of Bluff incorporated boundaries must be initiated through the Planning and Zoning Commission of the town of Bluff. Contact the chair of the Commission

Approved Land Use Ordinances and Zoning Maps

Zoning Map Whole approved 9/5/19 Zoning Map East Central approved 9/5/19 Zoning Map West approved 9/5/19 Zoning Ordinance 2019-5a-9 (includes signs) Subdivision Ordinance 2019-5b-9

Zoning changes September-5-2019-Special-Meeting-Minutes

For a copy of the  General Plan:  Bluff General Plan Signed Link to General Plan Appendices

Application for Business License:

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