Town Council Response to BLM Drilling

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Bureau of Land Management Attention: Cliff Giffen Recapture APDs P.O. Box 7 Monticello, UT 84535 February 6, 2020 Dear Monticello Acting Field Manager Johnson, Assistant Field Manager of Resources Bulla, and Mr. Cliff Giffen: The Bluff Town Council appreciates the opportunity to share its concerns with the Bureau of Land Management Monticello Field Office (BLM) regarding the Recapture APDs Environmental Analysis (DOI-BLM-UT-Y020-2016-0066-EA). As the elected representatives of Utah’s newest town, the Council is committed to protecting our aquifer, the sole source of potable water not only...

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Coronavirus Investigation Press Release

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  Health Notice SAN JUAN PUBLIC HEALTH AND UTAH NAVAJO HEALTH SYSTEM ARE COORDINATING ON LOCAL CORONAVIRUS PREVENTION EFFORTS San Juan County, Utah, February 6, 2020 — San Juan Public Health (SJPH) and Utah Navajo Health System (UNHS) are actively monitoring two San Juan County residents who recently returned to Utah from mainland China where novel coronavirus is actively spreading. The residents were identified through ongoing public health efforts to identify residents who may have been exposed to the virus at home or abroad. Based on the information currently known about the patient’s...

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Update from Bluff Town Council, Nov. 1, 2019. By Jim Sayers

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Since August, your Bluff Town Council (BTC) has achieved movement towards a number of goals. After many meetings with BSA, all infrastructure in Town has effectively and legally been moved from Bluff Service Area to Town of Bluff. This includes all Community Center structures, parks, and all of the water system as well as all water rights. The Town has secured over $90K from Community Development Block Grants for a 50-year water study, and the bid process has resulted in Sunrise Engineering to do the work. The kickoff for the grant is tentatively November 12 at the CC. Thank you to all the...

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What’s Bad about Zoning? Points of View

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LOOKING AROUND What’s So Bad About Zoning? “Whatever you do, don’t use the ‘Z’ word.” I sometimes get this advice before speaking to groups in small towns and rural areas through- out America. I typically follow the ad- vice, but it’s worth asking – what’s so bad about zoning? By some estimates over 9,000 cities, towns, and counties, big and small, in every region of the country and repre- senting at least 90 percent of the nation’s population have some form of zoning in place. Zoning is the basic means of land use control employed by local governments in the United States. Zoning has been...

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Three Public Meetings for Zoning Maps and Ordinances

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Three Public Meetings for Draft Zoning Maps & Ordinances Bluff Planning & Zoning Commission is accepting comments through August 29, 2019 The Bluff Planning & Zoning Commission invites you to attend three public meetings hosted at the Bluff Community Center during the comment period for the draft zoning maps & ordinances. Regular Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, Thursday, August 22th at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Bluff Community Center Special Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, Monday, August 26th at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Bluff Community Center Regular...

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A Thank You Note to the Town of Bluff by Linda Sosa

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  To say we could not have done it without you is no exaggeration. Thank all of you for your help on the Town Yard Sale. People spent many hours sorting, pricing, helping sell, and bringing tables back and forth. Many people donated items, time, energy and gave encouragement. The result was $3082; a very successful fundraiser. This has happened over and over again since we incorporated, people in our extended community have given us support, assistance, and expertise. Thank you...

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